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How to Use Nova Launcher

Here is what you need to know about how to use nova launcher! There is no doubt that Nova Launcher is the best Android launcher. Having great features, the app is a definitive method to customize your Android device.

You can customize the options as well as save your time at the same time. It provides you a lot of premium options but due to lack of knowledge, people don’t even use the amazing features of nova launcher prime apk.



In this post, we have included how to use nova launcher including some of the best features that are overlooked by many people. Here you go!

Modifying Launcher’s Appearance

Opening the widgets option brings you a list of different widgets from your installed apps, and tapping and then holding these apps lets you arrange them on your home screen anywhere you want.  Yet, you will see something different than the general launchers when you press and hold the icons of apps.

When you press and hold the icons, the options of Settings, App, data, Resize and Remove will come up. At this point, you can do the needed function with the selected app.

Swipe Actions on the Apps

Another approach to making use of swipe actions is to open the applications that relate to the other different apps. For example, I have the camera symbol set to open up the Gallery application when I swipe, and swiping up on the Google Calendar application gives me a chance to include an update.

I additionally utilize this to open Messenger with a swipe up on Facebook application symbol. In this way, swipe actions provide you great options while operating apps.

Here is how you can do this:

  1. Long press on the app icon, and select Edit.
  2. Tap on Swipe action to select your desired action.



Dock Options

The Dock option gives you an opportunity to tinker with your app icons on the bottom of home screen. This space is held for your telephone application, messages, a web program, and perhaps the application cabinet catch in the center by default, and you may have tinkered with this kind of setup on the old launcher.

Using the Nova launcher prime apk, you can take this feature that significantly further, with choices to expand the number of access openings on the dock, modifies padding at the edge of your dock. These dock options can give your Android device a great look.

Double Tap to Lock

You can add the option of double tap to lock screen from the nova settings > gestures > double tap > screen lock.

Smooth Scrolling

You can enable the smooth scrolling by going to the Nova settings, then go to the desktop settings, scroll effect, and then finally select the Wipe option from the list. Going through these options, smooth scrolling will be enabled.

These are some of the important things about how to use nova launcher prime. If you need any specific information about its usage, you can ask for it in the comments. We will add the information instantly.

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