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Nova prime apk is the premium version of nova launcher. The prime version is available for download in the Google Play Store for $5. But, here you can download it for free. The download link is available in this post. Before you directly download the nova prime apk. Let us give you brief information about that app.

What is Nova Prime Apk? 


nova prime apk


In the old home computing system, when you needed to access a specific program, you had to follow the computer language to send commands such as coding. This dialect, or “code”, could be one of a kind over different computer brands. You needed to utilize the command line in specific software to converse with your computer system. In case, you didn’t know how to send commands to your system, you couldn’t do anything with it.

This was a very complex way to operate the computer system. So, something needed to be done about this. However, in today’s era, we are experiencing “GUI” or “Graphical User Interface“. The Graphical User Interface is a visual and simple way for users to cooperate with the computer without having a concern with any kind of coding dialect. In the latest systems today, when you boot up your computer and see the start menu, wallpaper, folders, and icons etc; these are the different components being operated by the Graphical User Interface technology.

The same GUI is also implemented in the Android devices. But, instead of Graphical User Interface, we use the word launcher for Android devices. The Android devices have default launchers installed in them that are not very appealing to the users. So, most people prefer to go with the custom launchers.

One of the best custom Android launchers is nova launcher and its paid version that is nova prime apk.

Nova Launcher Prime Features

Nova Launcher app, truly, is a standout among the most customizable launcher available for Android. Literally, this app can be customized in many ways to meet your requirements or the look you need on your Android device.

It includes a quantity of the applications that are shown on the home screen of your device, the app drawer and also the icon pack you wish to show your installed applications. Nova launcher prime apk offers many customization options, and you can customize the ones you need from the options available in the nova settings.

While you open the nova settings, it will lead you to general wizard from where you can setup your basic options for your device launcher.

This enables you to move rapidly with the launcher. In case that you need to have a similar widget and icon design in Nova launcher that you have in your default Android launcher, that can be transported in through the Settings>Backup and import settings menu. There are different options available in the general settings of the nova prime apk. You can play around with different things to discover more of its amazing features.




Moreover, these settings inside Nova are categorized into particular options of the application so you can change things for a specific element.

This incorporates Desktop, Gestures, Night mode configuration, Look & feel, and Folders settings. There are sub-areas available inside these options from where you can modify the settings according to your preferences. The simple to understand menu settings is one of the best features of nova prime apk.

At this point, you may have better knowledge about nova prime apk. If you need more information about the app such as how to use nova launcher, nova launcher prime features, nova launcher beta, you can go to nova launcher prime apk.

Here are the direct download links for the nova prime apk. If any link doesn’t work, you can comment below and we will update the link immediately with the latest updated version of nova prime apk.


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